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The latest innovation by the Durashock team is the rebuilding of their very own Durashock Tough Truck to showcase the unique features of their products. Built from the chassis up in their own workshop, the imposing-looking Tough Truck will be used to promote Durashock around the country at a range of shows and automotive events.

Vehicle: Nissan GQ Cab Chassis
Built by: Driveline Services Australia
Tuned by: Driveline Services Australia




  • 3" inch suspension lift
  • 30mm coil spacers
  • Durashock shock absorbers
  • Lovell Springs
  • Super Pro Bushes
  • Suits 35" inch tyres
  • 4.2 litre Turbo diesel
  • T4 Turbo custom install into standard diesel engine
  • 120hp at the wheels
  • 3" inch mandrel bent stainless steel from turbo back
  • 15" inch Mickey Thompsons rims
  • 35" inch Mickey Thompsons Baja MTZ
  • Double cardan driveshafts front and rear
  • Front Air lockers
  • Rear LSD
  • Long range fuel tank