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In the crowded Australian suspension market, it can often be difficult to identify key differences between the many and varied product options and brand names available. While there are many known and popular names around that have been in the industry for many years, one newer market entrant, Durashock Suspension Systems, is currently moving ahead in leaps and bounds to cement its place at the forefront of quality and durability in the local suspension industry.

While the Durashock name may be relatively new in the
suspension sphere, it is in fact the suspension arm of
well known underbody specialists Driveline Services
Australia, a company with over 25 years experience
in the Australian automotive industry and experts in
all facets of underbody components from tailshafts
to front wheel drive, steering and diff and gearbox
components and now also suspension, through
the Durashock range of gas-charged 4WD and
performance shock absorbers
that aim to:

• deliver improved
   • dynamic handling
     • greater comfort on
       every surface.

What sets Durashock apart from other suspension
brands currently available is that they are designed and tested in Australia to suit the harsh Australian conditions, from uneven surfaces to potholes, dirt roads, excessive heat and worse. Featuring tough twin-tube designs, precision engineered 18mm hardened chrome piston rods and heat resistant triple lip seals among numerous other features, Durashock Suspension Systems is continually building a suite of products that fill some gaps in the current market, including pre-packaged lift kits containing shocks, springs and all products necessary to lift common modern 4WDs by up to six inches in many cases.