Welcome to Durashock Suspension Systems

Durashock Suspension Systems is an Australian owned and operated suspension company specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of a comprehensive range of suspension parts and services for passenger/performance, 4WD and mining equipment.

"Make no mistake ...
Durashock shock absorbers are



Feel confident in the knowledge that no matter what road you choose, from high speed performance applications to some of the roughest tracks on the planet, Durashock Suspension Systems are riding with you and are guaranteed to perform.

In fact, each Durashock Shock Absorber is backed by an industry leading three year - 60,000 km warranty.

So take them out, get them dirty and explore the places that you never thought were possible ... until now!


We are also looking to expand the international reach of our products by entering into new distribution agreements with like-minded companies around the world, to build on our existing supply of suspension products to various markets throughout Europe.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our tried and tested quality range, please contact us at sales@driveline.com.au